Mothers Are One of God’s Greatest Gifts in Life

06 May

One of the strongest kind of love out there, is the love of the mother towards her child. Mother’s Day celebration usually happens during the first week of May, and it is already fast approaching! But most people do not really notice or realize that everyday is actually mother’s day.

Mothers are very kind and hardworking women that deserve to be treated well not just during the occasion itself, but should also be treated well every single day.

For students who want to show their love and appreciation and to also give back to their mother with material things, here is a list of inexpensive presents and ideas that your mother will surely love:

  • Visit the church and experience the presence of God with your mum. There are times wherein mothers tend to get busy due to the schedule of the work that they do not have the time to visit the church. Mother’s Day or not, ask your mother out on a little date inside the church and have the time to thank God. She will surely appreciate this.
  • Help your mother with the household chores. Your mother is not going to be forever young, and she may need help with the chores, that is why helping around the house can help her ease the stress and tiredness that she is feeling. Plus it will be less work for her.
  • Cook for her! Your mother may be the best chef that you know, but that doesn’t mean that you, as the child, cannot cook at home. That’s right! Prepare her a little something whether its breakfast in bed or a fancy dinner. Do not worry if you think that you are not a good cook. Once you tried, that’s the most impactful thing that your mother will think of. It’s the effort that will always count.
  • Give her a bouquet of flowers! Why not try surprising your mother with some freshly picked flowers? Bet you’re already imagining yourself buying her flowers then will later on place it in a flower vase either on the kitchen table or in the living room. It’s already a bonus house gift too!
  • Thought of buying something classy for your mother? Another thing that you cannot go wrong with are vintage styled items! Visit the nearest vintage shop then choose the perfect vintage clothing all from Singapore! Mother or not, everyone still thinks that vintage never goes out of style.
  • If you mum is into looking classy and trendy at the same time, why not check some designer vintage bags or luxury vintage bags? You’ll score a good one at a cheaper price if you look for them from pre-loved shops.
  • Mother’s Day or not, never forget to make your mother feel that she is loved. There are tendencies in life wherein schedule conflicts happen in a family, but despite the busy schedule either you are having or her, never forget to spend quality time with your mother and tell her every single day that you love her.

Mothers are indeed one of God’s greatest gifts and they deserve all the love and kindness of the world.

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